Nate Bolt/Creative Commons via Flickr

Why Academics Should Blog

You don’t have the time. You’ve got classes to prep and teach. You’ve got papers to grade. You’ve got committee meetings – hours and hours and hours of committee meetings. You’ve got grocery shopping to do, kids to pick up after lessons and practice, a bathroom that desperately needs a…

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This Week's Blogging News

Arrests in murder of Bangladesh Blogger; Blogging During Hurricane Katrina; The Atlantic Brings Back Blogs; Word Press Introduces “Action Bar”

Arrests in Bangladeshi Blogger Murder Islamic militants have murdered four secular bloggers in Bangladesh this year, and Police Thursday arrested and charged two men with the killing earlier this month of blogger Niloy Chakrabarti. Chakrabarti, who The Guardian described as a “well-known secular blogger,” was hacked to death with machetes on…

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Book Review Blogs by Amateurs and Pros

By Mark Leccese Type a few keywords into a search engine and you’ll find book review blogs that focus on Young Adult fiction, children’s books, literary fiction, and various other genres. Bloggers who review books aren’t as populous on the web as bloggers who review music or movies — you…

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